While we are on Temporary Pause from travelling, keep your travel memories close and Dreams of New Travel Closer.  

This Youtube video was created by one of our Travel Partners at Goway Travel to make us smile.  He used the song "The Journey" by Canada's own Paul Brandt.  The songs lyrics refer to a "momentary complication" and "I know it's going to get better when we finally get there".  This is so much better than 'new normal' or " unprecendented".   The world keeps changing and travel will change with it.  I like to believe that the "Come back is always stronger than the set back"

So lets keep dreaming and start planning your next vacation.  When we partner with companies like Goway Travel we create itineraries as unique as you are.   Our travel ideas are as diverse as the world, and let you experience the destinations the way you want to.   Together we make your travel dreams a reality.   

Watch the video of some smiling travel agents exploring the world.  Then call us to start planning your next trip.  Remember " We will travel soon"

The Journey